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From the Journal of the Naturalist Aptitule

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

An enigmatic figure long known as a traveler, naturalist, healer, apothecary, and cultivator of science. Aptitule travels Heimurrin documenting it's flora, fauna, mineral and ore. Not

believed to be an Eternal, it is however, often agreed upon that Aptitule is long lived. Many speculate this mysterious being is a Fey, others suggest some angelic being, a nature

spirit, or perhaps even a species not yet discovered. Aptitule is unwilling to clarify.

The below is an exerpt from the journals chronicaling her travels through the Empire of Swords and surrounding lands.


Wormwood Onion – this onion is normally found in wetland habitat, elevation and linked species have pull no favor for this almost root like vegetable. Unlike other onions that have

protective skins enwrapping the bulb, the Wormwood Onion has an almost epidermal layer of protection. The onion within has a medium to hot spice level.

Authors note, added notation in journal working on flame level calculations for spice manuscript.

The plant is a perennial, though I have reason to believe the first growing season might be its best. Collecting more data or cultivation as a cash crop will be required for further analysis.

Ruby Rust Vine – this aggressive vine seems to have unnatural properties that could be alchemical in origin. The vine ranges from light orange to deep red in color, which age does seem to have affect over from light earlier to dark as it grows. The vine has been found growing on stone, wood, and metal. On metal and stone, it seems to have a corrosive nature much like its namesake. Where that corrosion spreads so do the color. On wood it has a type of calcifying effect. If attached to a tree it will eventually kill the tree

though preserve and harden it.

Capeton Fern – this is a large, feathery species of fern found in more temperate environments. Often you can find this plant in damp, shady, and older woodlands. If ground into a paste the fern can act as an antibiotic killing off diseases of the skin and infections from wounds.

Authors note, the addition of salt to the paste can increase its properties, though application will cause increased pain for several hours.


Mountain Tulip Porcupine – this tiny mammal seems to only exist above 5000 feet in elevation. The porcupine is reaching a weight of 16 to 22 ounces fully grown, with a deep purple pelt and pines that end in black tips. The pines while appearing softer than its cousins have a poison that can put most medium sized creatures to sleep. The porcupine is an omnivore so handle with care. An oddity exists with this animal that took half a year of examination to fully encounter. The mammal has selective defecation locations. In these

locations, marvelous purple tulips grow.

Authors note, examination of these tulips will begin on next trip.

Due to happenstance of the timing of this study, it can be recorded that these tulips continue to grow in the full of winter, warming and melting the snow around them much

like the Skunk Cabbage in early spring.

Minerals & Ore

Emvron Ore – this metal ore is found in wasteland/desert environments. Extremely sandy soil, rocky, low vegetation, and arid landscapes seem to be the best signifiers that this

ore could be found. Once smelted the metal is stronger than steel and super flexible. It has a silvery blue appearance and the ore glows lightly.

Authors note, the metal loses this unnatural affect unless imbued with magic.

Its one drawback being it is nearly three times the weight of a steel object of the same size. Emvron is the best metal for magical purposes. Its ability to retain magical properties and

conduct them is stronger than most. If not for the weight it could be more widely used.

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