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Mike Mahaney
Rick A.
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Mike Johnson

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"Your rolls must be light and true, as though your table were upon the back of a sleeping dragon. It is said, a Dungeon Master can breathe life into a universe. Assailed...they cannot be bested. Fierce...yet they are merciful. Of one voice... though speaks as many. This paper is the test. Empty as the beginning of time, fragile as the wings of the Faerie. When you can walk its empty path and leave behind a world. You will be ready."

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We gave you you tips and tricks to elevate your game and develop the art of Dungeon Mastery.

Now, we are sharing our adventures through our homebrew world of Heimurrin. 


To the west of the great continent of Kurn lies the island provinces of Pyrthe, home to brave seafarers, exotic pleasures, storms of swirling magical energy and cults dedicated to the old gods.


Upon these white sands came the “Eve’s Watch”, a band of sell swords and brutes seeking their fortune upon the shores of these lands. 


let me tell you of this age of legends, for I and I alone am keeper of their saga.


This is their chronicle!



Beginning Tuesday July 18 2023 

The FPS  helps a fellow investigator search for their missing team in the infamous Bridgewater Triangle!

Join Special Guest GM Brad Younie from Carnivore Games

Kris Barsanti from Roll Gay Roleplay


Bill, Lu, Scott and Chelsey from The Dungeon Master's Dojo for this Spooktacular Halloween special!

When a mysterious courier is killed at the threshold of the Wylderynn, a vast and ancient forest, a strange series of events occurs after his package is tampered with.  Join Mo'Qui, Iring, Longwei, Madry, Dash and DM Scott on "An acorn's journey: A DMD story".   

2022-2023 Season

Even though the journey is over you can still join us in Heimurrin and join us in our adventures!


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