"Your rolls must be light and true, as though your table were upon the back of a sleeping dragon. It is said, a Dungeon Master can breathe life into a universe. Assailed...they cannot be bested. Fierce...yet they are merciful. Of one voice... though speaks as many. This paper is the test. Empty as the beginning of time, fragile as the wings of the Faerie. When you can walk its empty path and leave behind a world. You will be ready."

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The DMD is a show for game Masters and Players alike.  We're here to give you tips and tricks to elevate your game and develop the art of Dungeon Mastery.

We've been playing a long time and hope to share our experiences, what we have done to provide a better gaming experience for our players, how to run Monsters, NPCs, encounters and much more.

New episodes drop every Tuesday at midnight.  Shorter content drops every Wednesday at midnight.  Since you're here, have a look at our blog.  New blog entries drop every Friday at midnight.

Let your training begin...

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