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There are three pillars that comprise our philosophy in podcasting.  These pillars hold our podcast up and remind us of our Vision, our Content, and this wonderful Community we are so fortunate to be a part of.  This philosophy and these pillars are non negotiable, they stand firm. Always.





Our  VISION is to create a podcast that focuses on instructional  content for individuals who wish to run games but may not know where to begin.  In the old days of D&D we didn't have such content available.  Sure there were magazines and DMs we could refer to but back when we started, the game was young so everyone was new.  It was a rough road at times and we had to find our own way.  There's nothing we dislike more than "Gatekeeping" so we took the gates off the Dojo so anyone could come in and get themselves some pointers, not from perfect DMs, not from expert DMs but just from a couple of old Grognards that have been around for a while and want to provide some guidance.

Now that we have shown you how we do it, we have started actual play campaigns in our homebrew world to allow you to see all these tips and tricks in practice.  We want to prove to you that anyone can run a game and do it well.  You don't have to be a professional Game Master, voice actor, or celebrity to do it and do it well.

We hope to someday be a resource for thousands, and a companion through out the week on our listeners commute, during their workouts, and as a means to relax after a stressful day.  We will keep making content, as long as you keep listening.

Our  CONTENT  is always our own.  We are not influenced by any individuals or entity.  We make this podcast because we enjoy it, the hobby, and we enjoy that you enjoy it!  We want to be your trusted source for information related to gaming as such, no one will ever control our content calendar but us. 


Sponsorships on the DMD are rare, we will never promote something we don't believe in and have not used ourselves.  receiving free products (while welcome) does not guarantee a featured review or a favorable review should we feature the product.  Our thoughts and opinions about a product are always our own and we will never give a favorable review based just on a paid sponsorship.

COMMUNITY .  This is perhaps the most important pillar.  We want to be a valuable member of this community, not just the podcasting community, but the gaming community.  We strive to work with other content creators to bring awareness to their content to our listeners and in doing so, hope to provide their listeners with something valuable too.

This is not a competition for us.  For us, this is being good stewards of the hobby we love so much.  It is enjoying spreading the word about the hobby.  It is about enjoying others' content and spreading the word about thier content.

We are happy to collaborate with others, and appreciate that some may want to share our podcast episodes, if you do, we ask that you link back to the episode.  We would do the same for you!

We are not political so you will never hear us make political comments, it's just not what we do.  The gaming table has no place for real world politics, it is a place where friends can gather and have a good time.

This is how we do it. 























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