Lou has been playing D&D and other Tabletop RPGs since the early 90s.  Forever the "Wildcard" of the group, he sure does keep things...uh...interesting at the gaming table.

While not one to sit in the big chair, Lou does bring valuable insight from the player's perspective, and this insight is important to being an effective GM.

Lou is the Host and Producer of the Dungeon Master's Dojo Podcast, his duties include tech stuff, editing, complaining he is tired, and yelling at DM Scott about things "that need to get done!"

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Welcome to the Dojo


This is Bill.  He's smiling in this picture, this doesn't happen often and catching this odd facial anomaly is rare, like photographing bigfoot.

Bill has been playing D&D and "Just about every Table top RPG ever" since the late 1960's.  That's...that's a really long time to do anything.  For most of those decades, The Arch DM Bill has been a Dungeon Master (Don't call him a GM if he's running D&D!)

Bill's years upon years of experience in TTRPGs and valuable technique gathered from those many years is just what a fledgling DM/GM needs to prepare for their time in the Big chair.

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This is DM Scott trying to explain to an angry Lou why something didn't get done.  Lou ain't buying it.

The Yin to DM Bill's Yang, DM Scott brings almost (But not quite) as much DMing experience to the table as DM Bill.  He is the story teller, the DM all thespians enjoy.  

DM Scott does the stuff that involves writing and sometimes reading.  He is often collaborating with DM Bill on the "Next big adventure".

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This is us, Up there, the team behind The Dungeon Master’s Dojo Podcast. 


When we aren't out saving Medieval Fantasy Campaign Settings from evil dragons, demon lords and vampire kings, we're making a podcast (and working our normal run of the mill jobs)!

So pull up a chair, sit by the fire, have a flagon of ale and listen to the podcast.  We are sure you will enjoy listening about D&D and other role playing games as much as we enjoy talking about them!

If you would like to hear something specific, or if you have questions, or maybe you just want to say hi go ahead and drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you!



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